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Our brand gives us the opportunity to share our stories + support ourselves. We want to empower more refugees to share their stories in ways that can allow others to feel them.

We touch on universal themes of hope,humanity and new beginnings. Our products are apparel, art, sculpture and accessories. Our products look good, feel good and do good.

Payanam creates products that help share the journeys of refugees. All artworks are created by refugee artists, they are unique and share the part of the artist’s journey. Art therapy helps refugees to overcome their trauma/darkness by creating unique art.

"An art group at Helen Bamber Foundation helped me to change my life from darkness to light, from negative to positive and from weak to strong. Now, I create art that shares my journey"

- Refugee 

1 of 126,720 refugees given settlement status in the UK in 2018

Source: UNHCR

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