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Terms and conditions for the Photography Group Members

The photography/art group is a 12-16-week workshop session for Asylum Seekers and Refugees to heal and learn new skills. This group will be held weekly.


The registered members (i.e. you) are expected to attend all/most of the sessions to get the most out of the group.


Travel costs will be covered for Asylum Seekers only. 


At the end of the project, PAYANAM will use registered members' stories photographs/artwork to display online on websites and social media and at events.  This is to create awareness and support asylum seekers and refugees by sharing their experiences with others.


Members’ photographs/artworks will be used in PAYANAM’s publications, website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, and displayed in exhibitions. PAYANAM and its representative employees, officers, and agents have no liability arising from using such media stories, promotional materials, written articles, videos, photographs, and artworks. 


Any photographs/artworks taken/created by me during the workshop sessions fully belong to PAYANAM. PAYANAM reserves all rights to their photographs and artworks. 


As a registered member, I understand that I can revoke this release at any time in writing and that the use of any of my photos or other information authorised by this release will immediately cease.

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