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Vanda orchids are a type of orchid that grows upwards with one main stem. We had few colours of Vanda Orchids, including red, purple and white, in our front garden. I have White Vanda (artificial) at home now. When I look at them, I can feel the fragrance of those Vanda flowers we used to grow in our garden and the good memories of my home.



The texture and the spots of Fritillaria meleagris (Snake Head Fritillary) remind me of the Red Spotted Vanda flower in my front garden.

- Artist Max


Red Spotted Vanda Orchids (Print)


Prints Only

Small - 30x40cm

Medium - 40x50cm

Large - 50x70cm

  • Artboard 2
  • Artboard 1
  • Artboard 3
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